frequently asked questions

Can I get the negatives? Digital Files?
Our studio uses digital cameras so there are no negatives. You do have the option to purchase the proofs from your session.

What is included in the sitting fee? What prints are included?
The sitting fee covers your time with the photographer, Dana’s talent and expertise, and studio time. It also includes a private online gallery for two weeks. Portraits are purchased separately.

Can I get prints smaller than a 5x7? Our studio can print portraits 4x6, 4x5, 3x5, but they are the same price as the 5x7. You can also order wallets from prints that you have ordered larger.

What are your packages? We have found that if you make a portrait package, it is never exactly what anyone ever wants. So Dana’s portrait packages are customized to help suit your needs. A deposit is required to hold your scheduled photo session.

When should I schedule? Studio sessions book up quickly. We recommend calling to book your session at least two weeks in advance.

We recommend our pregnant clients come in between the 30th and 33rd week of pregnancy. Most women are showing well at this time, but have yet to gain the water weight common in the last month of pregnancy.

We photograph babies as early as 3 days old. They grow so fast in those first few weeks that they lose their “newborn” look quickly. Call us in advance when you are in the hospital to schedule your session.

How long does it take to get my portraits? Portraits generally come back in about two weeks. Our specialty products take a bit longer.

How many people can be included in a photo session? You are welcome to bring as many people to your session as you would like. Especially with newborn portraits, we recommend bringing in grandparents. After five people, we charge an extra $25 per person.

Do you shoot on location? Absolutely. Your home. The beach. Wherever. But outdoor lighting is unreliable and weather is unpredictable. That’s why we have our in-studio lighting system. The studio is a controlled environment where we can adjust the lighting to make you and your family look your best.

What shall I wear?
We have various cloth drapes for pregnancy sessions and cloth diapers available in studio. We recommend you bring your own clothes, solid colors in black or white look best. Family portraits look best when everyone wears similar color tones, for example, all white shirts and denim.

What if my baby is a sleep the whole time? We have had sessions where the baby is a sleep the whole time and we embrace this time. There are so many wonderful, creative things you can do then.

What if he/she is fussy? If your baby is fussy during the session, you have the option to stop the session before you reach the maximum time and reschedule the remainder of your session. If we spend the entire session with you, and then you decide to reschedule, another sitting fee applies.

Please do not schedule a session with your child with in the week of a vaccination. We find babies and children are fussier than usual and often weary of strangers.(We don’t blame them, we would feel out of sorts too.)

Are your portraits archival quality? Absolutely. At Dana Greene Photography, we use a lab that prints with Kodak “endure” photo paper, which is guaranteed to last 100 years or more, and is a professional portrait paper.