watch me grow -- my baby's first year!

A baby's first year is the most monumental year of all. Each day is filled with new discoveries and milestones. Capturing and documenting these special moments is Dana's goal. You will be amazed at how quickly your new baby changes and how fast the first year is gone.

Dana offers a special package which includes three studio sessions within the first year (typically: Newborn; within 3-10 days preferred, 6-7 months & 12 months).

Current Special

4 portrait sessions throughout your child's first year, often beginning with the expecting mother.

$650 mon-fri

$800 sat-sun

Watch Me Grow with 8x8 Storybook - $1500

Watch Me Grow Membership includes:
*3 studio sessions: Newborn, 6-7 months (sitting), 1 year (standing)

*Parents/Siblings can also be in sessions.

*10x20 "Watch Me Grow" panel (panel includes 1 image from each session; created at end of year).

This package is available to only four new babies a month. Space is limited and typically booked many weeks in advance. Please call/email the studio to check availability.